Special Shot - Hammer Punch
Season Bakugan: Dimensions Surge
Episode Number 7
Preceeded By Quarter Finale
Followed By Chronicle Semi Finals
Special Shot - Hammer Punch is episode 7 of Season 2.


King and Galaxy continue their battle as the stadium starts to crack more. Both Brawlers have summoned their Mechtogan and are using all their power to defeat the other. Galaxy then explains to King and everyone else that she's been hiding an incredible power known as the Special Shot attacks. These attacks are a group of extremely strong abilities that reach power beyond the regular limits of a Bakugan and that only BakuTech Bakugan that have proven their strength are strong enough to use the attack. Galaxy's hair starts glowing and she soon charges off her position platform and jumps onto Hammer Cannon's back where they both start charging up energy. Mordred soon joins them and before anyone can say anything, they launch a series of blasts called the "Special Shot - Hammer Punch" which causes King, Lancelot, and Gigan Taures some problems. King then suprises everyone once his Bakugan also charge up and his hair changes silver. King and his partners launch their own combined attack called the "Special Shot - Phantom Mars Blaze". Who will win the incredible battle of special shot attacks?

Characters SeenEdit

  • FinalNeos/Nuzamaki90
  • Airzel-of-haos
  • Bendo
  • TheWolf1
  • PyrusGuardian
  • Firestormblaze
  • King
  • Adison
  • Galaxy
  • Faze Knight
  • Trip
  • Winx

Bakugan SeenEdit

  • Haos Gigan Taures
  • Pyrus Hammer Cannon

Mechtogan SeenEdit

  • Pyrus Mordred
  • Haos Lancelot


  • King VS Galaxy = King Wins


  • This is the first episode that characters use Special Shot abilities.


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