No matter what happen, no matter what will they do to me, no mater what Vortex will throw at me...still, I'M THE BURNED (Combustion'ed) DRAGON!


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Special Moves
Season 1
Episode Number 2
Preceeded By The First Challenge
Followed By The GOD Rises

Special moves is the second episodes of Legend of Combustion.


Arrvives at home, Barc lying on his bed while thinking about Daniel's word about Master Vortex will destroy and enslave the world. While Barc still thinking about that, Combustion pop up from Barc's pocket, telling him that it's his training schedule. Then Combustion and Barc goes to the field of forest. There, they practice brawl, while Combustion attacking the giant stone, Barc activates the ability cards, But then an army of Evil EYE ordered by Master Vortex attacked Barc and Combustion. Both an army of Evil EYE and Combustion stop the attack, to recharge their energies. But then from the backside of Combustion, one Evil EYE surprise attacked Combustion, dropping Combustion down. But from Barc's ability card storage located on his right thigh shine, a special ability. Then Barc uses it, rising Combustion's energy and power immediately and he defeat the army easily.

Character SeenEdit

Bakugan SeenEdit

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