Spatterix and Lock
Chronological Information
Male Pyrus Spatterix
Female Lock
Male Age 20 (Bakugan years)
Female Age 20 (Bakugan years)
First Appearance Bakugan Overkill
Theme Who's That Girl?
Current Status: Together
This article focuses on the relationship of 2 Bakugan: Pyrus Spatterix and Lock.


In Bakugan: Wind Tamer, many Bakugan have a feirce dislike for Splice as he has a girlfriend unlike them. Spatterix ends up falling for a friend, Lock. He then uses it to his advantage in his rivalry with Splice. Eventually, the attraction becomes mutual and they get together.


In Bakugan Overkill, Spatterix admits to himself he likes Lock.

In Mechtogan Faction, Lock blushes when Spatterix compliments her.

In The Mist, they spend most of the episode together. During Splice's battle against Zombie, Spatterix tries to hit on Lock and she agrees to be with him.

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