Aquos Spatterix

Spatterix is a Thunderian Bakugan and is the second guardian Bakugan of Dan of Aquos. He was found in a cave full of burning Aquos magma in Thunderia.


Spatterix has a calm personality, often telling Omen Freakasaur to calm down.


  • Spatterix Cooldown - Spatterix is allowed to put Gate Cards under all Aquos Bakugan.
  • Aquos Dance - Spatterix gains 100 Gs.
  • Spatterix Swagger - You can only play this card in a 2x2 brawl. Increase Spatterix's G-Power by your partner's base power level.
  • Lay Low - When your opponent's Bakugan is about to attack, you can nullify that attack.
  • Spatterix Master - Spatterix gains 200 Gs.
  • Negator - Nullifies your opponent's ability.

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