Sonic Ashes Dharak

Sonic Ash

Sonic Ash is one of Kyle's Bakugan. He is known to be very creepy, and burnt. There is a rumor that he burnt in Hell. It is unknown if he will stay with Kyle.


  • Sonic X2: Sonic Ash runs and flies at the speed of light.
  • Thrashing Burn: Produces fire and nulifies opponents ability.
  • Devil's Snare: Nulifies all of the opponents abilities
  • Fear Crusher: Adds 300 G's to Sonic Ash

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

  • Devil's Trap: Adds 500 G's to Sonic Ash and subtracts 600 G's from Sonic Ash. Sonic Ash can add on the extra 100 G's whenever he needs it.
  • Devil's Kill: Ends battle if Sonic ash is on an opponents gate card after it was open, and the G-power difference is over 200.

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