Always gotta get somewhere - Gotta get there fast - Can't go slow - Slow is for quitters - Gotta go now...


Haos Accelerak2
Type Haos Accelerak
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Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
Power 409 G
Variations None
Brawler Nuzamaki90
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Themes Can't Slow Down
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Sonic is Nuzamaki90's Mechtogan Accelerak, spawned by Haos Knight.


Sonic is a skilled flier known for swiftness and maneuverability. His characteristic wide-legged stance supports the weight of the reinforced armor on his upper torso. In battle, Sonic's additional weaponry on his chest and shoulders enhances his already powerful attack. His enemies find him elusive in battle, unable to keep up with his incredible speed.



Sonic was born from the battle between Haos Knight and InevitableDoom's Aranaut. Once he was created, he immediately dominated the battlefield after he defeated Doom's Lumagrowl, which everyone though was a extreme strike of luck. Because of this, Sonic became a cold and heartless Mechtogan that broke free of Haos Knight's control and started reeking havoc in Bayview. He would not listen to Nuzamaki90 or Haos Knight, causing him to lose a lot since he didn't know how to control his power. After he defeated DTron2's Dreadeon, he was ready to attack and finally destroy Haos Knight, but was interrupted once DTron2's Dreadeon summoned a Razen Titan. Since he did not train with Nuza or Haos Knight, he lost extremely badly almost causing him to be deleted from the servers from lack of energy. After losing against InevitableDoom's Lumagrowl, he realized the errors of his ways and started listening to Nuza and Haos Knight, even though he still lost once again when they had a rematch. Sonic died when Nuza was deleted from the servers because of a Admin's false accusation, which caused him to seek out revenge against the admins of BD, striking a nerve in his body to force him to train hard in the afterlife. He was given a 2nd chance to live by GMThunder and after a few more days in training, finally went with Nuza on the day BD closed to take down GMStorm. After finally getting revenge against GMStorm, him, Nuza, and the rest of the gang spent their last moments in Interspace, looking back on their adventures. 3 minutes later, BD closed for good and they were all deleted from the servers. He currently trains with Flare in the afterlife.

Ability CardsEdit


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