Solar Paladins
Demon dragon and FSB
Main Attribute(s) 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
First appearance TBA
Leader Pyrus Storm Dragonoid
General Pyro
Headquarters Unknown
G-Power Range 650 - 3400 G
Brawler(s) Firestormblaze
Preferred Weaponry Mechtogan
Battle Gear
Theme(s) Dove & Grenade
Main Adversaries TBA
Status Active

The Solar Paladins (formerly known as the Sun Paladins, and the Solar Six) are a group of Pyrus Bakugan used by Firestormblaze.


The Solar Paladins consists of seven Bakugan: Phoenix, Pyro, Plutus, Storm, Scath, Jackal and Ra. They are Firestormblaze's main Pyrus Guardian Bakugan. Storm and Pyro lead the team.


Former Members

Main Weaponry/Mechtogan

  • Inferno - Main Mechtogan
  • Dragonoid Destroyer - Main Mechtogan Destroyer
  • Silver Daftorix - Primary BakuNano, used by Ra
  • Copper Coin Blaster - Secondary BakuNano, used by Phoenix
  • Silver Boomix - Primary Battle Gear, used by Pyro
  • Gold Vanaxel - Primary Battle Gear, used by Storm


Main Members

Former Members


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