So it's a Fight you Wanted?
Chara0 2
Season 2
Episode Number 14
Preceeded By Lightning Strikes Twice
Followed By Preparation


Firestormblaze , who is obviously upset with Airzel for not giving him a rematch, goes and challenges him publicly. Airzel refuses, and they get into a fight, over,"who's more awesome", that leads to the beginning of a hate fest, and an everlasting rivalry. People are lined up to fight Blaze, but Airzel, is the first one lined up. Kyleronco found Blaze, while he was with Faviola, Masterz, and Aides, in BI. There he challenged him, and won. Now Airzel wants a piece, but Blaze has said that if he wants him, he'd better come find him, himself.


Characters SeenEdit

Bakugan UsedEdit

Bakugan SeenEdit



  • This episode like most were taken from FSB's BD experience, but half of it, came from here.

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