Pyrus Slynix
Type Cloned Ventus, Pyrus and Aquos Slynixes
First appearance The Shadow of Ingram
Gender Male
Attribute Pyrus Aquos or Ventus 25% likely for each
Power 1500 Gs
Variations Fire Slynix
Brawler none
Battle Gear Gold Shoxrox, Silver Crosstriker, Copper Bombaplode
Themes {{{theme}}}
Main Adversary none
Slynix Clones are clones of Fire Slynix and Fire Ingram's minions with a darker colour scheme.


They do not speak unlike the actual thing and were built by Ingram to maximise the Fire Army.


They will debut in The Shadow of Ingram and help him fight the whole crew of protagonists.

They share Abilities with Fire Slynix. (They can only use his Aquos and Ventus ability cards)

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