Hmph. Like the fleas in your fur I keep coming back. YOU CAN'T GET RID OF A GOD!


360px-Ventus InfinityHelios
Type Ventus Infinity Helios
First appearance The Anbu Brawler 3
Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
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Variations Infinity Helios
Brawler Eggman82
Battle Gear None
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Main Adversary Anubias's Horridian

Sly is Eggman82's new Ventus Guardian Bakugan.



Sly's violent nature was suprising to Eggman82 at first, even though he was unbeatably loyal to his master, but he has become less violent, and more of a hero-type Bakugan. Sly refers to himself as a God, as that is what his ex-partner told him that he was.


Sly is a Gundalian Bakugan who was once partnered, (against his will) with a Gundalian General during the Neathian-Gundalian War. He was trained to be quick, agile, and extremely stealthy; as well as murderous and cruel. He was saved by his current partner, and an ex-prisoner-of-war, Eggman82, and helped him escape Gundalia.

Thanks to (Eggman82), Sly has discovered that most of the things that the Gundalian General told him about Sly's past were lies--but Sly strongly grasps the belief that he is a God. Sly had to undergo a mutation however, when he was put against Kazarina's Lumagrowl, Anubias's Horridian, and Gil's Krakix after fighting off a Gundalian attack on Neathia, and was completely crushed from the waist, down. Eggman82 engineered a bionic body-replacement for Sly that was equipped with rocket packs and protective, steel, spikes that defended against opponents. The bionic-part of Sly also gives him supersonic running-speed- making him one of the fastest Bakugan around.

Ability CardsEdit


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