Soldiers, come to me. Demonis Copper Brigade, rise.

—Demonis Jaakor

Six Star General
Six Star General
Season  ?
Episode Number 3
Preceeded By Power Through Pain
Followed By Army Launching
Six Star General is episode 3 of ?


Another day dawns, and the brawlers still have yet to figure out the power of the Triad Armor. Out of the blue, a warrior in almost all black garments appears in several different arenas at once, and sets off a massive energy reading. He claims to be a "Six Star General" of the Demonis Army, and sends everyone into a panic. After the four arenas have been cleared out, the General simply punches the ground, all the alarm systems shut off in the main control room, and each of the arenas go off the radar. As the systems get back online, he appears in another four arenas, but this time, the team doesn't sit back.

Neos is sent to arena A1, where he is met by the figure of the General, Demonis Krakix, and Krakix's Mechtogan, Demonis Copper Coredegon. Neos throws out Flare, and evne with Flare's most powerful attack, Krakix is barely harmed and Coredegon take him out in one massive blast of his sword.

Bendo appears in arena C4 to find that the General has summoned Demonis Copper Fusion Dragonoid and Demonis Copper Slycerak, and have already started tearing the entire frame of the arena to shreds with massive attacks. Bendo uses Anathema, to which the General glares at before having his forces attack her with all their might until Ana utterly destroys Slycerak.

Winx arrives in arena F9, where the General has just summoned Demonis Vertexx and its Mechtogan, Demonis Copper Mandibor. Winx quickly brawls out his Bakugan InfinFlare, and uses most of his abilities just to get an upper hand. With one swift attack, Vertexx knocks out InfinFlare, not only out of the battle, but out of consciousness, leaving Winx vulnerable.

Lastly, FSB arrives at arena H1, where the General is now nowhere to be found, but Demonis Bolcanon and Demonis Copper Exostriker attack him on the spot, almost killing him.

The General is then seen walking into the team's headquarters with a cruel smirk on his lips, although he is intercepted by Averia, who asks where he is going. He says nothing and simply walks past her and breaks down the door the the conference room just by pressing his finger on it with barely any force.

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  • Winx VS. General (in Arena F9) = Winx Loses
  • Bendo VS. General (in Arena C4) = Bendo Wins
  • FinalNeos VS. General (in Arena A1) = Neos Loses