318px-Aquos InfinityHelios
Type Aquos Infinity Helios
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Gender Male
Attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
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Variations Cyborg Helios
Infinity Helios
Brawler Aquamentus
Battle Gear Bombaplode
Hyper Pulsor
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Sirius is your typical punk rocker type of character. He is notorious for his random fits of rage in which he has sometimes laid entire cities to waste in the process. He is also a total charmer and generally has a bad history with women because of it. He is also on the autism spectrum, which is why his demeanor can seem quirky at times.


Sirius is Aquamentus's oldest and dearest friend. Originally Aquamentus's partner in crime in Vestroia, the two met during a standoff with Bakugan Aqua had owed money to. He eventually helped Aqua to fight them off and the two were best friends ever since. Before this, he was regularly hospitalized for birth defection issues and had to be put on life support from very early into his life. It was only until his adolescent years where he gained the connections to modify his life support with black market technology to artificially boost his power level to great heights. Shortly afterward, he descended into a life of crime which made him infamous among the Bakugan in Vestroia.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Solaris Cannon: Sirius gains 150 Gs. Then, Sirius gains G-power equal to a bonus the opponent's Bakugan has received during this battle.
  • Stellar Core Ignition: If Sirius loses G-Power, you may restore the G-Power lost. You can keep using this effect until you gain back up to 1000 Gs.


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