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399px-Ventus Vexfist
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Used By Barcibal (To boost Delusion)
Gender Male
G-Power 3000 G.
Attribute 21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
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Status Alive
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Shelter was Barcibal's Ventus Vexfist and also Delusion's first Mechtogan.


He is heavily armored with enormous rounded shoulders and legs. Shelter uses his powerful strikes to drain his opponent's energy. Wide expanses of reinforced armor surrounding his body shield him in battle from front to back. Extra weaponry is activated on his chest and also behind Shelter's head to offer maximum firepower.



Ability CardsEdit

  • Shelter Wrath: Your team can nullify any of the opponent's abilities, no matter what protection your opponent has. This ability cannot be countered.
  • Power of Wind: The opponent's next 4 abilities are useless against your team, even if Shelter is leaves the battle as the result of battle.
  • Slash Bound: Shelter gains 1000 Gs for each opponent on the field, while your opponent loses 500 Gs for each Bakugan and Support Piece on the field.
  • Overpower Transfer: Transfers 2000 Gs from the opponent's to Shelter.
  • Energy Gains: Adds double all G-Power from this round to Shelter. If the opponent isn't an Ventus or Pyrus Bakugan; they lose the same amount.
  • Ability Remove: Remove 4 of the opponent's ability for each Bakugan and Support Pieces.
  • Shell Double: Double Shelter's ability effect.
  • Clone Wars: Clones shelter into 5 Vexfist and each has Gs of Shelter's current Gs.



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