Tonight, seven shadows will appear. They will strike swiftly and quietly, and banish all evil from this land. Prepare yourself. Or rather, don't. It won't make much of a diffrence. Shadow Seven, combat postions!

—-Selvaria, Co-Leader of the Shadow Seven

The Shadow Seven are a group of elite Darkus Bakugan, used by Infinity.


They are seven Bakugan, as the name suggests. Their speed and stealth prowess have given them the nickname Shadows.



Violet is the co-leader of the team, along with Selvaria. She prefers to fight alone occasionly. Violet cares for her team, but rarely ever shows she does.

Selvaria Edit

Selvaria is the co-leader-, along with Violet. She occasionly becomes the only leader, when Violet disappears off to somewhere.

Raven Edit

Raven is the youngest member of the team. She trusts and cares about her team mates, and tries her best to protect each and every one of them.


Darkus HawktorEdit

Darkus PlitheonEdit

Darkus StrikeflierEdit


  • All members of the Shadow Seven are excellent at flying, stealth, and speed.


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