Magma thought about the many wars that had been going on at the time so he made the purpose of Shadow army to stop wars. He started to work on getting members immediately. Then a player named Enori joined Shadow army they became close friends. They got a bunch of people to join one including BakuEarth Magma's soon to be rival. At the time, Magma and BakuEarth became good friends and he trusted him fully until he did something dreadful, but that was another story. On July, 3 ,2010 they had 1000 members and stopped 20 wars. But then that is when the rumors spread. Spies, liars, falsehoods and more spread quickly so once Magma heard a falsehood he got to work on stopping it quick, but it was too late by August, 5, 2010 People started to take him down, but he ignored as long as I could and still tried to hold back wars. Until it got to big and Magma left for a while untill now. All he hears is Lies, rumors, and falsehoods. Magma has set some of the lies straight, and has let people know the truth. Others who have not heard, do not know, and still believe he is evil.

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