Sevyndes is a younger brother to Aides and Nyndes and an older brother to Syxdes . He is a fierce and serious Pyrus brawler. His Guardian Bakugan is Pyrus Agnivin.

Sensing his brother's condition, he sets off with Nyndes and Syxdes to locate Immortus and (secretly) get his revenge. After he discovered Aides was "dead", he decided to leave but was stopped by Masterz, who Sevyndes provoked into a brawl. Masterz and Sevyndes fought evenly at first, but in the end, Masterz won the battle.

After the brawl, it is revealed Sevyndes was angry at Aides becuase he left the family. Sevyndes tried to stop him, but was defeated. Angered but humbled, Sevyndes decided to remain for his brother's funeral, until it is later revealed to the group that Immortus is still alive. He then proceeds to set off with the others to Neathia.