Pyrus Scyllium
Type Pyrus Scyllium
First appearance Dark Revival, Part 1
Gender None
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Power 1200 G
Variations Scyllium
Brawler Hexticon
Battle Gear None
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Scyllium is one of Mercuritris's elites.


Scyllium is a slippery serpent-like Bakugan. It flexes its powerful tail muscles and coils around its adversaries, squeezing them into submission. Scyllium can melt into a heap of extremely hot molten magma for defense. Once the opponent has stared into Scyllium's four enormous eyes, it is all over for them.


Scyllium doesn't have much of a personality. It acts as a savage in battle, showing no emotion to its adversaries and only obeying whoever controls it.


Scyllium debuts in Dark Revival, Part 1.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Sludge Levitation: Transfers 300 Gs from every opponent to Scylium.
  • Submission Coil: If the opponent's G Power is lower than Scyllium's, you automatically win.
  • Trail Blaze: Nullifies the opponent's ability and adds 400 Gs to Scyllium.
  • Sludge Slam: Subtracts 400 Gs from the opponent and prevents them from activating abilities.
  • Fang Clamp: The opponent's next three ability effects are reversed.


  • Scyllium's name and appearance are based on the monster Scylla from Greek mythology.


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