Sawatar, Ricileon's sister

What's life worth if your hated and neglected?


Sawatar Orochimaru is Ricileon Orochimaru's sister.


Sawatar has silver hair with green eyes. She is 5'5 and was 16 at the time of her death. She wore a beige coat and pants with a black shirt underneath and black shoes.

Sawatar once had Hell's Amulet before handing it off to Ricileon.


Sawatar died at the hands of Ricileon like the others. Before Sawatar died from blood loss she gave a corrupted Ricileon Hell's Amulet. As her final gesture to Ricileon, Sawatar drew a seal on her stomach with her own blood and punched her in the head.

Final words Edit

"I knew that I'd die because of you. I never thought it'd be this soon, though. Take Hell's amulet, I don't need it. I drew the seal to control Sumbato, and punched you to calm you down. So long, Ricileon."

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