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Why not go off and defeat the invaders?

—Ruler Razenoid

Ruler Razenoid
250px-Screen Shot 2011-08-08 at 7 44 27 AM
Debut Anger Management
Used By Baku-Cool (to purify Corrupt Spatterix)
Gender Male
Age 55
G-Power 1400 Gs
Attribute Hurricanian Darkus Symbol Hurricanian Darkus
Weaponry King's Sword
Theme Song Down with The Sickness
Main Adversaries Any-one who threatens Hurricanos
Friends Avian Snake, Crystal Blitzer, Hawk Ingram, Slash, Splice, Lumino Rager, Depture, Dragon, Basher, more...
Enemies Pyrus Spatterix, Dharako, Komodtrix, Nozomi, Overlord, Fury (Quakix Gorem), Darkus Jaakor, Zyris Bolcanon, more...
Battle Gear Silver Slayrizer
Mechtogan none
Mechtogan Titan none
MechFrame NightmareFlame
Status Alive, king of Hurricanos

Ruler Razenoid is the king of Hurricanos and the leader of the Hurricanian Squad, residing in the Hurricanian Castle in the series Bakugan: Wind Tamer. His royal MechFrame is NightmareFlame. His Mechtogan is Deadly.


Ruler Razenoid is a justified Bakugan and with his cruel look he can bring fear to even the strongest Bakugan. Ruler Razenoid is able to cure any battle damage to himself and increase his attack abilities. He can also fire extremely strong blasts in order to destroy whole armies of Bakugan and Mechtogan. Ruler Razenoid has a strong British accent.


Ruler Razenoid is a justified Bakugan, with the will to live and lots of courage. Ruler Razenoid can also take control of his opponents with Kingly Death. He loves his role as king, defending it with lots of might. Razenoid also has a large temper.


In Anger Management, he first appears on a throne, with his strongest soldiers at his side. Ruler Razenoid is greatly offended by Pyrus Spatterix making racist comments toward Hurricanian Bakugan, with Razenoid asking Avian Snake to beat Spatterix in a battle.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Kingly Death: Hypnotizes the opponent. This means their current Bakugan will automatically be added to the next round, but work for your side.
  • Razen Sword: Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent.
  • Destruction Trail: If Ruler Razenoid has over 1900 Gs, he automatically wins the brawl. If not, it transfers 600 Gs from the opponent to Ruler Razenoid.
  • Overkill Hellstorm: Transfers 600 Gs from the opponent to Ruler Razenoid.
  • Raze Staff: Reflects the opponent's ability at twice its original effect.
  • Diesel Burst: Adds 500 Gs to Ruler Razenoid.
  • Strike Blaster: Ruler Razenoid gains G-Power equal to the number of Gs the opponent has lost so far during this round.
  • Razen Spitter: Prevents the opponent from activating any more abilities.
  • Hurricanian Death Shot - Dark Stream: If there is a Mechtogan on the field, Ruler Razenoid automatically wins.
  • Night Pulsar: Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities.
  • Sorer Ray: Adds 300 Gs to all Darkus Bakugan.
  • Dark Jumper: Ruler Razenoid can copy the opponent's abilities. This will apply, even if he cannot use an ability, or can't take a turn.
  • Shadow Shamballa: Nullifies the opponent's ability and adds 700 Gs to Ruler Razenoid.


  • Ruler Razenoid has a staff, showing his title. Ruler Razenoid does not hold it during battle.
  • Razenoid's staff is actually a sword, as shown when he attacks Komodtrix in Destructive Emotions in order to save his throne.
    • This has only been shown once in the series, however.


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