Your going down Pyro!

Rocka, The Upper Hand of Evil

Avalanche rush
Type Subterra Quake Dragonoid
First appearance Stone Cold
Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Subterra.svg Subterra
Power 875
Variations N/A
Brawler Firestone
Battle Gear Silver Axator
Themes Unknown Soldier
Main Adversary Pyro
Rocka is Firestone's Guardian Bakugan, and rival of Pyro.


Rocka moves around the environment with a slow steady caution, but always packs a powerful punch when attacking. He exhales a super intense fire blast to melt and destroy any opponent. He starts avalanches by sending shockwaves with a single mighty punch to the ground, to devastate his opponents, and only Firestone can bring out the best of his abilities.


Rocka's rivalry with Pyro mirrors the latter's former rivalry with H. and Razen during Season 2, and 3. His personality also appears to be similar to his brawling partner, Firestone, being devious, quiet and hot-tempered. He is extremely headstrong and self-assured, willing to accept a challenge without thinking of his own limitations.


Rocka first appears in the episode "Stone Cold", along with his brawling partner, Firestone. As two new villains with earth-shattering power, and they are aligned with an evil Gundalian, known as Mel. The duo brawl against Firestormblaze, and Pyro; and lose.

He is seen again, in many more episodes with Firestone, in battle as cameos.

In "The Upper Hand of Evil", Firestone and Rocka, tag with Mel and Nightmare, to take on Firestormblaze, and CasperCanis. In which they lose the battle.

Ability Cards

  • Tremor Spike:
  • Avalanche Rush:
  • Stone Grasp:
  • Dragonoid Earthquake:


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