Dark Hex Rina 2

Rina Speare

Rina Speare is an antagonist from Bakugan RP: Dimensional Heroes and the Aquos member of the Dark Hex Brawlers.


Rina was always a perfectionist. She always tried to be a perfect daughter, student, and brawler. She learned she would have to have no regrets to truly be perfect. Rina spent her free time as an intern working in the kingdom's castle. Lord Dhrakon was impressed by her knowledge of math, science, history, and Bakugan. He appointed her as royal advisor to him and his children. She secretly has a crush on Prince Duncan.

Bakugan RP: Dimensional HeroesEdit

Like most members of the Dark Hex Brawlers, Rina was sent to many planets to capture Bakugan for Drakohex. When Rina took Aquos Olifus from Emilia Oceas, she kept it for herself. Brawley X Masterz ended up winning Olifus from Rina in a tournament and giving it back to Emilia.

Currently, Parasyte took over the position of royal advisor to the king's family. Emilia can't stand Parasyte.


  • Aquos Fangoid
    • Aquos Gren (Guardian Bakugan)
  • Aquos Olifus (Stolen, then returned to Emilia)
  • Aquos Megarus


  • She has many similarities to Emilia. They both have blue hair, are Aquos brawlers, and have Special Evolution Bakugan as their Guardian Bakugan. However Emilia is sweet and shy while Rina is mean and outgoing.
  • Her name was completely random. It has no significance.

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