Return of The Saber!
Season 5
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Preceeded By The Damned Brawl Again!
Followed By Cyborg Clash

"Return of The Saber!" is a Season 5 episode of Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.


A a hooded figure and Bakugan appear on the outer rim of Meta city, in the canyon, while in the city Firestormblaze challenges DGK27 with yet another new Bakugan. As the battle rages on, the hooded figure watches from above. It is close, but in the end, Firestormblaze is victorious.

Out of nowhere, Firestormblaze calls to the hooded figure (though unaware of where he is exactly), and identifies him as SaberX. He throws the Bakugan into the air, and SaberX takes it. Firestormblaze tells him it is another gift for him to keep.


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