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I'm about to show you the true meaning of pain - and once I do so, I will stand over specks of dust that were once you.


Renegade Dellarius
Renegade human
Debut Appearance TBA
Title Archfiend of Sorrow
Used By Valentin Kazami
Gender Male
Age 19
Attribute Matrix Darkus Matrix Darkus
G-Power 1100 G
Close Relationships Twilight
Main Allies Orion
Main Adversaries Teiden
Theme Song TBA
Status Alive
Battle Data
Weaponry Sorrow's Sabre
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
MechFrame TBA
Fighting Style Resented Fiend
Signature Abilities Demoniacal Archfiend

Renegadeis a Darkus Coredem of Matricea and the son of Rapture and her previous lover. He is also the twin brother of Javelin, and the older brother of Daemon, Ecstasia, Jaclyn, and Laellia.


Renegade is a male Coredem who is the son of Rapture and the twin brother of Javelin. His armor is extremely tough and powerful, as well as hard to scratch. It is nearly impervious to damage, and can be used to even deflect the blows of opponents. In his human form, Renegade possesses a sharp sword that can be used as a BakuNano in Bakugan Form.


Renegade, unlike his sister, is a serious Bakugan, despite having a calm attitude. He is a no-nonsense Bakugan and shows hardly any mercy in battle. He appears to be his sister's opposite and is usually quiet. Renegade is also an honest and noble Bakugan, but is also savage in battle.


Family and RelationshipsEdit


Renegade is Javelin's twin brother, though the two hardly look alike in most details. Renegade is often protective of Javelin, even when she is teased by their younger brother Daemon.

When he learns that Javelin and Dementia's son Teiden are in love with each other, Renegade becomes enraged, as he, like many Matriceans, believes that relationships with the Dementians should be considered taboo. He is also afraid for his twin sister, and does not want anything bad to happen to her.


Renegade completely respects Rapture since she is his mother, and is protective of her when ever she is threatened.


Of all of his siblings, Renegade respects Daemon the most, according to others, since both share the same views of things. Both are also and amazing tag team in battle.


Virtus and Renegade respect each other very much, and share the same views. Also, they work amazingly well as a tag team.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ability CardsEdit

  • Verdammen Erzfeind (Doomed Archfiend): The opponent cannot activated anything for four turns. Renegade is also able to use all of the opponent's Ability Cards for the rest of the brawl. Plus, everytime the opponent gains (positive) G-Power throughout the round, Renegade's G-Power also increases twice the amount gained every time.

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Demoniacal Archfiend: - The opponent cannot activate anything for five turns and Renegade gains G-Power equal to the opponent's G-Power. If the opponent's G-Power is negative, the amount gained becomes positive and is doubled.

Gate CardsEdit

Fighting StyleEdit



Human FormEdit

Bakugan FormEdit

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