Justice can so often be an ugly thing.

Renaissance, Well Deserved Justice!

314px-Aquos Wolfurio
Type Aquos Wolfurio
First appearance Well Deserved Justice!
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Power 660 G
Variations Wolfurio
Brawler SaberX
Battle Gear Crosstriker
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Renaissance (originally known as Paladin) is an Aquos Wolfurio, and SaberX's Aquos Guardian Bakugan.


Knight-like, strong, and stalwart, Renaissance battles with a fury, catching many foes off guard. The metal armor which encases his body, protects him without restricting his movements. Renaissance is able to cure any battle damage to himself and increase his attack abilities.


Renaissance is a great hero, committed to destroying evil wherever it could be found. He does not approve of any wrong doings. He is often on one accord with Sythe and Myst, as they are the most logical, and responsible of Saber's Bakugan, who 'always try to do the right thing'. He believes that justice, no matter how cruel, shall be delivered. Though to him, justice can so often be an ugly thing.


Ability Cards

  • Underwater Shield: Nullifies the opponent's Ability Cards.
  • Aquatic Breach: Nullifies the opponent's ability and prevents them from activating new ones.
  • Razor Shock: Nullifies the opponent's Gate Card.
  • Toxic Bath: Transfers the opponent's current G-Power over to Renaissance.
  • Steel Soldier: Adds 400 Gs to Renaissance.
  • Re-loop: Adds 300 Gs to every Bakugan on your team.


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