You may be bigger than me, but you're nowhere near BADDER OR BETTER!

Rebellion to The Bird in, Better, Badder, Stronger

274px-407px-DarkBrown Coredem
Type Subterra Evil Twin Coredem
First appearance Angels and Demons
Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Subterra.svg Subterra
21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Power 800 G
Variations Coredem
Brawler Firestormblaze
Battle Gear {{{gear}}}
Themes Shall Never Surrender
Main Adversary Shade

Rebellion is the Subterra Guardian Bakugan to Firestormblaze. He is Blaze's first and only Evil Twin Bakugan. His twin brother is Arngrim.


Rebellion is a Subterra Evil Twin Coredem. He is one of few, evil twins left. He has a natural hate for Shade, as he thinks he is capable of defeating him. Though Shade has before. Rebellion hates it when his brawler is trash talked, and demands that he doesn't take that. He has a love for Blaze's Insane/Evil side, as seen in "Angels and Demons", when he goes head to head with Icarus in a horrific rage. He feels a strong connection with Halo, as they are both Evil Twin Bakugan.


Rebellion's personality is cold and cruel, the only caring aspect being his loyalty to Firestormblaze. He rarely speaks, but when he does, it's usually to gloat or to relay orders to his fellow Bakugan.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • " Fuck that noise, let's make em' bleed."
  • " Feel free to die, when you've had enough."
  • " My mission in life is to make you suffer."
  • "Haven't you heard? Devils never cry."
  • "My heart’s an empty hole! Time to beg for your soul!"


Ability CardsEdit

  • Demon Chi: Subtracts 500 Gs from the opponent.
  • Reaper's Vengance: Destroys the opponent's Gate Card.
  • Axel Fury: Doubles (or triples) the power of all of Rebellion's abilities and pushes it to the limit.
  • Stone Knuckle: Alters any one of the opponents ability cards. This ability can played anytime during he battle.
  • Rippler Cross: Subtracts 700 Gs from the opponent for each Bakugan on the field.
  • Axel Breaker: Adds the opponents current Gs to Rebellion.
  • Unholy Covenant: Doubles the effects of an ally Bakugan's next ability.
  • Shell Shock: Prevents the opponent from activating abilities.
  • Return Fire: Reflects the Gate or Ability Card's effect back to his opponent.
  • Bleeding Shadow: Rebellion is switched to Darkus;Darkus Bakugan do extra damage.
  • Diamond Snare: Removes 3 of the opponents ability cards from play, along with the Gate Card (if you choose), and any abilities specific to attributes. This ability cannot be nullified.

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Omen of War: Halves the effect of the opponent's abilities for the rest of the battle. The opponent cannot amplify their abilities effects for the rest of the battle.
  • Omen of Pestilence: Reflects the opponent's ability cards. (This ability cannot be countered by another.)
  • Omen of Death: Drains the opponent's power level below 0.

As Darkus RebellionEdit

  • Twin Vengance: Transfers 400 Gs from the opponent to Rebellion.
  • Spectral Curse: Reflects the Gate Card's effect back to his opponent.
  • Phantom Blade: Nullifies the opponent's ability.
  • Spectral Force: Subtracts 500 Gs from each opponent.
  • Soul Revival: Revives an ally Bakugan, Mechtogan, or Support Piece that was defeated in battle.

Gate CardsEdit

  • Demon's Bargain: Opponent must either give up a Bakugan or lose 1000 Gs. (This Gate can only be used once per battle)



Bakugan DimensionsEdit


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