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It doesn't matter what you guys throw at us. We will never be beaten.


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Debut {{{debut}}}
Used By Firestormblaze
Gender Male
G-Power 850 (IRL) G
Rank #10
Attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Weaponry None
Theme Song {{{theme}}}
Main Adversaries None
Main Allies Pyro
Close Relationships None
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
Fighting Style Razor Wings
MechFrame None
Title Silent Sea creature
Signature Abilites {{{sa}}}
Status Undecided

Razor is Firestormblaze's Aquos Radizen.


An ancient bird-like warrior, Razor transforms by extending his vertical wings to pounce on opponents when they least expect it. His metal sharp horn shoots bullets of energy to tear through his enemies' armor.


Razor was a member of a Neathian ninja clan, along with Pyro, and Ronin during the time of Neathian-Gundalian war. When Pyro left the clan, he and Ronin were sent to bring him back. While Ronin held a deep hatred for Pyro, believing he had betrayed the clan, Razor believed otherwise. Knowing that Pyro was an honorable Bakugan. Though he has a sense of honor, and is very optimistic, Razor seemed jealous of Pyro. As he was the most skillful of all the Bakugan in their clan.


Razor is an Aquos Radizen from New Vestroia, who migrated to Neathia, after the events with the Vestals. He had gone to Neathia hoping for peace, but instead discovered a war. So he decided to help. He joined their ninja clan, in hope of developing some skills to better defend his new home. Along with Pyro, and Ronin which were his friends, brothers, and allies in the war. Though when Pyro seemingly "left" Neathia, Ronin and Razor were sent out to find him, thinking he had betrayed their people.

When they finally found Pyro on Earth, in the city of Bayview; they came to apprehend him. They battled him, and lost, when he finally told him what had happened on Neathia. They realized he had been captured by Kazarina's Gundalian forces, and taken to a lab where he was rescued by Fabia Sheen, the battle brawlers, and other brawlers; one being Firestormblaze. So they went back to Neathia, without Pyro, and cleared his name. Razor later returns in the fight against The Psychic Master, with Ronin.

Ability Cards

  • Slam League:
  • Deep Descent:
  • Zap Screen:
  • Luster Drain:
  • Abyss Blade:
  • Matter Shield:
  • Keep Saver:
  • Slash Boomerang:
  • Sludge Leap:


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