Information Edit

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Phantom Drake


Type Transluent Blue Razenoid 
First appearance In the late era of BattleTech
Gender Male
Attribute Dextra 
Power 1900 Gs
Variations Evolved Razenoid
Brawler Kevin 
Battle Gear Any Battle/Nano gear, as long as its Gundalian/Vestroian 
Themes Madness in me
Main Adversary Diego and Drake 

Description Edit

A Bakugan with a most fearsome appearance. Metallic scales that cover his body protect him in battle from damage. He strikes fear into the bravest of opponents when he attacks with razor sharp claws. The long reach of Razer's arms and the coiled strength of his tail bring targets well within his reach. Always ready to pounce on his opponent, the speed of Razer's attacks give him a huge advantage in battle.He usually utilizes a Shoxrox to fend off his opponents.

Ability Cards
  • Flash Eclipse: Adds 1500Gs ro Razer.
  • Expeditious: Reflects opponent's abilities.
  • Meteor Elimination: Adds 1500 Gs to Razer.
  • Kahlua Moot: Adds 1500 Gs to Razer.
  • Vision Pillar: The opponent's abilities do not damage Razer for this round.
  • Doombringer Oblivion: Transfers all the opponent's Gs to Razer.
  • Electric Shocker: Adds 1500 Gs to Razer and subtracts 2000 Gs from opponent.
  • Chaos Comsumer: Adds all the Gs that the opponent lost during this round to Razer.
  • Illusion Barrier: Changes the opponent's G power to 0 G Instantly and Nullifies opponent’s ability and gate card. If the opponent is Hurracanian, Summons 2 more bakugan on Razer's side.

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