434px-Darkus Razenoid BD
Type Darkus Razenoid
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Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
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Brawler DarkusMaster84
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Themes Who I Am
Main Adversary Pyro


A Bakugan with a most fearsome appearance. Metallic scales that cover his body protect him in battle from damage. He strikes fear into the bravest of opponents when he attacks with razor sharp claws. The long reach of Razenoid's arms and the coiled strength of his tail brings targets well within his reach. Always ready to pounce on his opponent, the speed of Razenoid's attacks give him a huge advantage in battle.



Ability CardsEdit

  • Flash Eclipse:
  • Expeditious:
  • Meteor Elimination:
  • Kahlua Moot:



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