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Magmius Sivac
Debut TBA
Used By Valentin
Gender Male
G-Power 570 G
Attribute MagmiusDarkus Magmius Darkus
Shooting Techniques TBA
Pentameter Readings
Attack 10/10
Defense 3/10
Occupy 4/10
Stand Force 10/10
Control 7/10

Rasselan is a Magmius BakuTech partnered with Valentin.



Shooting TechniquesEdit

  • Vast Disintegration: Rasselan's main attack shot. As he nears a designated Gate Card, the opponent BakuTech on that Gate Card begins to grow fearful. Their stats also begin to lower, and are helpless as Rasselan knocks them off the Gate Card.
  • Inhuman Echo: Rasselan's main defense shot. As the opponent BakuTech rolls toward Rasselan, he emits sound waves that sound like screams. The sound waves confuse the opponent as they repeat, or "echo". This causes the opponent BakuTech to weakly hit Rasselan on his Gate Card due to lack of focus, without knocking him off it at all. Occasionally, the opponent BakuTech might be so confused and unfocused on hitting Rasselan that they might miss the Gate Card completely.


  • Rasselan's name is a combination of two words that mean "spirit" in German - rasse and elan.


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