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"Rampage" is a Season 2 episode of Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.


Firestormblaze is currently on a losing streak, and he's tired of it. He decides that he will no longer go easy, on other brawlers. He will destory whoever crosses his path. Woe to those who accept his challenge. His goal is to be ranked, in the world, as a top brawler. If he succeeds his violent rampage will come to an end, if not, it shall continue. Firestormblaze faces off against several brawlers. He easily takes them out, one-by-one, or all together. Each battle, sending their Bakugan back into the hand of their defeated brawler, scorching hot. While on his violent rampage, Firestormblaze comes across, Pyronator. Pyronator has head of what he was doing, and challenged him. The two engage in an intense battle. Firestormblaze emerges the victor, but Pyronator is not done. He demans a rematch, and the two go back into battle. It's as chaotic as ever. This time, Pyronator is victorious. An enraged Firestormblaze now demands a rematch. The two keep clashing in battle, each one as chaotic, as the next. In their last battle, it's their most intense battle yet. With attributes of Pyrus & Ventus each, the brawl is on even terms. It's a close call, for Firestormblaze, but he is victorious, and is free to continue his rampage.


  • Firestormblaze and Pyrus Aranaut verses Unknown Brawlers and their Bakugan: Outcome: Firestormblaze is victorious.
  • Pyronator with his Pyrus Helix Dragonoid and Ventus Strikeflier, verses Firestormblaze with his Pyrus Aranaut, and Ventus Sky & Gaia Dragonoid. (x7) Outcome: (x4) Firestormblaze is victorious./ (x3) Pyronator wins

Characters SeenEdit

  • Pyronator
  • Firestormblaze
  • Unknown Brawler (x3)

Bakugan UsedEdit

Bakugan SeenEdit


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