Rainbow Rush
Season Bakugan: Dimensions Surge
Episode Number 2
Preceeded By None
Followed By Hunter Hydra
Rainbow Rush is episode 2 of Season 1.


After his battle with FSB, Neos goes to find the BakuShop since FSB said that's where he can get new abilities. Before he can find it, he runs into a shady brawler named Winx. Winx claims to be looking for G.A.M.E which confuses Neos. After scanning Neos with a scouter, Winx confirms Neos has G.A.M.E. energy all over his body and challenges him to a brawl. Winx proves to be much stronger than he looks and corners Neos with his powerful BakuNano. Will Neos be able to win the battle and learn more about this mysterious G.A.M.E. energy?

Characters SeenEdit

Bakugan SeenEdit

  • Ventus Ziperator
  • Pyrus Flare
  • Darkus Infinity Helios


  • Neos VS Winx = Winx wins


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