Why do you desire such power?


Go ahead Pyro, I will stay with him. You have my word.


Ra using his Daftorix
Type Pyrus Spyron
First appearance Forces of Nature
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Power 1200 G
Variations Spyron
Brawler Firestormblaze
Battle Gear Daftorix
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Ra is Firestormblaze's temporary Pyrus Guardian after Phoenix Flash Ingram, and Pyro. He was Pyro's temporary replacement, when he went back to Neathia.


Ra is a powerful Pyrus Bakugan. He's as old as the ancient soldiers of Vestroia, but he's a wise as any Bakugan you could ever meet. He trained Phoenix, and Pyro both. He is an honorable warrior who can take down any opponent.


Ra has been brawling for generations, therefore he has experienced many things, whether it be bloodshed, the corruption of the warrior, the pain of battle etc. Due to this, he speaks in an old-fashioned formal style and is very calm and wise, and is very knowledgeable of battle styles. Nothing can surprise him. He can judge a person's character by a single glance, and nothing escapes his eyes. He strictly adheres to the "Path of the Warrior", and does not allow emotion to cloud his judgement, saying that causing grief and fear to others is a part of the Path of the Warrior.

Although a rather intimidating figure, Ra is also benevolent and just, not lending his power to those who he thinks are not worthy. He is a strict teacher and does not hold back when confronting someone he deems unworthy of his power. However, after the person confronting proves him/herself as worthy, he will accept this and will entrust that person with his power.


Ability Cards

  • Scorch Fire:
  • Fire Realm - Sword of Ra: Adds the opponents Gs to Ra, and nullifies abilities that subtract more than his base level.
  • Aries Golem (Aries Protector/Aries Shield): Subtracts 600 Gs from the opponent.
  • Sword Demon - Blazing Wing Twister: Nullifies the opponents abilities, and prevents them from gaining any G-Power higher than your own.
  • Reflect Meteora: Reflects the opponent's Ability Card. Ra creates clones of himself. The real Ra will turn invisible, while the clones are at large. At the end of its duration or if Ra is taken out of battle, the clones will explode releasing a thousand meteor's, subtracting 900 Gs from each opponent.

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