PyrusRyan was the first, true and original pyrus member of the Sacred 7. He joined the team in bakugan buzz. He got his name from his favorite and guardian bakugan pyrus ultimate dragonoid with 780 gs. At the time it was known as the strongest recorded bakugan until Gundalian Invaders were created. When he transferred to Dimensions he had to leave the team due to AttributeMaster/Angel taking the place of pyrus. He felt betrayed and stabbed in the back, but nothing could be done about it. As time went on Angel and PyrusRyan made up and things were ok. Later when Angel mastered all 6 attributes he reoffered PyrusRyan his position back on the team, but Ryan turned down the offered do to his loss of interest.


  • Pyrus Ultimate Dragonoid
  • Pyrus Phosphos
  • Pyrus Avior
  • Pyrus Coredem
  • Aquos Lumagrowl
  • Aquos Atmos
  • Aquos Farakspin

Brawl RecordingsEdit

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