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Can you feel the burn?!


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Pyre is a Tartaronian Infinity Helios partnered with SaberX. Her Mechtogan is Onslaught.




Ability Cards

  • Hellfire Comet: Adds the opponent's Gs to Pyre, and prevents their allies from activating abilities.
  • Volcanic Grind: Mechtogan cannot be used by the opposing side.
  • Spear Geyser: Prevents the opponent from effecting anything but G-Power.
  • Radiant Spectrum: Transfers 300 Gs from the opponent for every turn they have taken thus far. Any advances toward this ability are cancelled out.
  • Blazing Force Shot: If the Gate Card belongs to the opponent it is removed from play.
  • Active Ruin: Any allies the opponent has have their Gs transfers to Pyre.
  • Destroy Force: Nullifies the opponent's last two or three abilities, no matter the effects that they have.
  • Magma Alloy: The opponent's abilities are reflected for the rest of the round.
  • Light Source: Pyre gains 1000 Gs for every Bakugan in battle.
  • Arsenal Flame: If there are multiple opponents on the field, the one with the highest G-Power is removed. Pyre can call any amount of ally Bakugan to the field equal to the amount of the ones removed.
  • Burnout: Prevents the opponent from nullifying Pyre's abilities, or gates.
  • Flame Breath: Adds 500 Gs to Pyre for every Bakugan on the field.

Gate Cards

  • Hellion Descent: If the Gate Card belongs to the opponent it is replaced with this one during battle. Subtracts 1000 Gs from the opponent if they are non Tartaronian. Another 1000 is subtracted if they are not a Helios; and lastly of they are over Pyre's base they lose her current amount of Gs. The Gs taken are given to Pyre and any ally Bakugan. If the opponent subtracts equal to, or over the Gs that were subtracted, the Gs are instead added to Pyre, or subtracted from the enemy.

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