Pyotr Janus Caesar [ピヨトル・ジヤナス・シーサ Piyotoru Jiyanusu Shisa] or more known as "PJC" is the primary antagonist of Eikouden Einferia. He is the leader of the Zeal of Minerva and the most powerful God Moder in existence.

Stealing information is the first step in stealing the real thing...and accomplishing your goals.

—PJC to Vergil, Eikouden Einferia

Pyotr Janus Caesar
Portrayer {{{portrayer}}}
Physical description
Age Unknown (appears 18)
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Allies Mephisto Brotherhood
Enemies Team Einferia, Battle Brawlers
Weapon of choice Mordred's Excalibur
Main attribute Haos
Guardian Bakugan Magus Dallas (former), Celeste Brynhild (current)
Chronological and political information
Position Supreme Leader
Aliases PJC, Lumina Wolf
Affiliation Zeal of Minerva
First Appearance
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Character InformationEdit

Caesar is the leader of the God Moders' Alliance known as the "Zeal of Minerva." He seems to be connected to Mira Parker's past. He is also Magus Dallas' former owner.


  • Caesar is based on four people:
    • Pyotr or "Tsar Peter I Romanov" of Russia whose known for his egoistic expansion of the Russian empire.
    • Julius Caesar of Beyblade Metal Saga whose accompanied by a man with fringe bangs (Wales) and a woman with silvery blue hair (Sophie)
    • Janus the Roman God with two faces.
    • Lastly, the real-life person named PJC.

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