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Project: Hurricanos 1 is a project on Bakugan: Wind Tamer. The project is complex, having many things to it.

Information Edit

It is a project, on Bakugan: Wind Tamer pages on TBHW, and making them PERFECT. The number 1 in it is a symbol, showing that it is on season 1. The current leader is former Administrator: User:Baku-Cool.

Format Edit

This is BWT page formats:





==Trivia== (if wanted)

Goals: Edit

The aim of this project is to make every BWT article spick and span, before July 26th 2012 (Australian time).

  • Upload images of every BD and Anime Bakugan onto the page: Hurricanian Squad.
  • Fully explain the storyline, etc. of this series.
  • Create pages for everyone involved with season 1.
  • Entertain the editors on TBHW.

This is a big project, feel free to join by posting a comment!

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