Season 2
Episode Number 15
Preceeded By So it's a Fight you Wanted?
Followed By Dual of The Damned


Firestormblaze is training his Bakugan, for his upcoming battle, with the imfamous, Airzel-of-Haos. He knows his Bakugan's level are no where near Airzel's, so he must train, as well as watch his back. He told Airzel to come find him, if he wants to brawl, giving him time to train. He's deciding what Bakugan to use. Haos against a master Haos brawler, or Pyrus and Ventus for a swift and powerful attack. After some thinking, he decides to go with Pyrus, and Ventus. He begins training, and doesn't stop until he suddenly get's a call from the ChaosCrusader.


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Bakugan SeenEdit



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