Power of The Sky
Season 1
Episode Number 1
Preceeded By N/A
Followed By The Mighty Splight
Power of The Sky is the first episode of Bakugan: Wind Tamer.


The whole series begins with Baku-Cool narrating the show's first seconds, explaining 5% of what will happen in the series.

After the theme is played, BC's house is shown. His brothers, Savage-Darkus and Aquos Rules are discussing about sending BC to a private school, like he and Savage. BC is then shown in his room, thinking about leaving home to get ahold of some Ventus Bakugan, as it is his favourite attribute. After stopping an argument between his Pyrus Spatterix and Subterra Stronk, BC heads out to watch TV. Savage then tricks BC that he was sitting on poo, causing BC to run away to clean his clothes for no reason. After realising Savage's trick, he tells them he will be leaving to get some Ventus Bakugan. They accept it, and the episode ends with BC, Spatterix and Stronk heading off into a forest.

Characters seenEdit

Bakugan seenEdit



  • This episode is also the first episode of the entire series.

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