Power and Corruption
Season 3
Episode Number 14
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Followed By The Upper Hand of Evil


Mel is once again out in the open. Only for the purpose of taking Meta by force. He decides to go to Earth, to play rough, on Blaze's home turf. When Blaze, and Casper answer Mel's call, they decide to battle. Having battled Mel before, they know the stakes. In the first round Casper, and Blaze take home a major win, along with Meta and Storm. Mel manages to strike back with Nightmare, and his Dharak Colossus. Casper then asks to take the next round for himself. Blaze agrees, and Meta and Nightmare are head-to-head in a one-on-one battle. Mel activated riptor, at the last minute, and Meta is no match for his power and loses, with Mel claiming him as his prize. Casper is crushed by his defeat and the loss of his partner. Blaze then challenges Mel to a battle, where Mel declines, stating, "I got what he came for".


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