I may have been hurt as a child, but this defenseless animal shall not suffer like I. I have healed it so that it may have a better life, while none can heal me.


Power Through Pain
Power Through Pain
Season  ?
Episode Number 2
Preceeded By Come To Me, Soldier
Followed By Six Star General
Power Through Pain is episode 2 of Season ?.


Winx, Neos, and FSB have gathered together to see if they can figure out the Triad Armor. Although they have no clue how it works, they know that getting AOH back may depend on unlocking it's secrets. Suddenly, a letter is slid through the door, which reads, "Please come to arena 3F. I would like to talk." The trio then go to the aforementioned arena, only to find a woman whom looks age 12, holding a cat with a broken paw. The young woman says she is Averia, the Princess of the Demonis Army. Winx asks her what the Army wants, to which she replies "They want the boy and his Bakugan." She then tells the trio about watching her parents getting killed when she was younger, and how it has given her a new power that most don't possess. FSB decides that the time for talk is over, and opens the arena to throw out Pyro. Averia throws out her Demonis Vertexx, only to recall it and disappear into thin air, leaving only "I wish you no harm, but I must" echoing through the empty stands.

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FSB VS. Averia = no outcome

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