Plan to proceed
Season 1
Episode Number 13
Preceeded By Where it all Starts
Followed By {{{next}}}

A hand smashed on a table. “Ugh! How can you guys be so useless! You only had to take out two! Yeah, two!  Even if it was one man at a time you failed!” Hachiac yelled at the gathering.  The knights put their heads down in shame. “And Aquinax! Not only your looks are stupid but so are your skills!”

“But sir…”

“Shut up! No back talking! You had to take only Kraemah down yet you could not do it!”

Aquinax fell in silence. As Hachiac spewed his words of anger, Aquinax went off in his own thoughts. I’m sick of this… nobody understands…

“Are you listening Aquinax?!”

Aquinax squinted his eyes and regained his reality consciousness. While the talk was going on, Moljana was cleaning and dusting stuff. Whilst doing so she heard the talk.

“Well, since I think most of you are already bored of my talking, hunt down Xebrexia and Aquinax! Find everyway to attack and a way to get to Earth! Dismissed.”

Moljana was in shock and sorrow and ran off before the knights stepped out and walked in a line.  She ran off to tears In her room.

“Why did this happen? Why does it need to happen?” She whispered to herself. As a maid she can’t do anything. She cannot fight either. It’s hopeless. Within a second she wrote a note, and after that…


Glass shattered. It’s all over.

An hour later…

Maiex came in the room. “Moljana, you have chores to-” she looked at the broken window. “…do?” Maiex picked up the letter stuck next to the cracked window. Reading it thoroughly over and over.

“….It can’t be…”  She pressed herself against the window,  repeatedly calling,  “Moljana! MOLJANA!” 

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