I will destroy those who stand in my Master's way.


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Type Darkus Zenthon
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Gender Female
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svgDarkus
Power 1300 G
Variations Zenthon

Zenthon Titan

Brawler Darkusinfinity99
Battle Gear Not compatible
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Paladinia is Rager's Mechtogan.


Paladinia is a Zenthon that is very loyal to her master, Rager. She can withstand the strongest of attacks, and can dish out some strong ones as well.


Paladinia is very kind and loyal. When it comes to Brawling, she fights a fair brawl. She never forgets a promise. Her strategies are very good.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Ultimate Knight: Adds 800 G's to Paladinia and Lumino Rager.
  • Dark Phantom: Transfers 900 G's from the opponent to Paladinia. This ability can't be nulified/reflected.
  • Nightmare Assualt: Subtracts 900 Gs from the opponent.
  • Phantom Paladin: Trasnfers 800 Gs from each opponent to Paladinia.
  • Titan Assualt: Transfers the Gs of all other support pieces to Paladinia, and then removes all other support pieces.
  • Nulify Phantom: Nulifies all abilities played by the opponent so far, and makes all Bakugan/Support pieces on your team immune to them.
  • Dragons Of Darkness: Adds 1000 Gs to Paladinia and Lumino Rager. Any type of Dragonoid other than Lumino Rager lose 1000 Gs.
  • Nulify Titan: Nulifies the opponent's ability, and adds 700 Gs to Paladinia.
  • Dark Reflect: Reflects all abilities played by the opponent, doubled in effect.
  • Nulify Assualt: Nulifies the opponent's ability and prevents them from activating any more abilities.


  • She gained extra G power when Rager evolved.


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