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Onslaught is Icefern's Tartaronian Ventus/Darkus Guardian Bakugan. She was born in the deepest reaches of hell, called New Tartarus.


Though not the strongest, Onslaught uses superb speed and agility to defeat opponents. She would commonly deal multiple blows to opponents as the final blow to defeat them.


Onslaught is usually known to be headstrong and sometimes defiant. She isn't as vicious outside of battle as she is in battle.


Ability CardsEdit


  • Gigas Turmoil- Destroys any three recently activated abilities and transfers 300 G from each opponent to Onslaught. (Darkus)
  • Shades of Hatred- Prevents the opponent from activating any ability or gate for five turns. Onslaught gains 150 Gs each turn while this ability's effect is still active. (Darkus)


  • Hyper Wind Saber- Destroys the gate and skips 4 of the opponent's turns. (Ventus)
  • Silver Star Dust- If the opponent is non-Tartaronian, then 400 Gs are transferred from them to Onslaught. If the opponent is Tartaronian, another Bakugan will enter the current battle on Onslaught's side. That Bakugan and Onslaught gain 500 Gs each. (Ventus)
  • Silent Breeze- Onslaught destroys all the abilities activated during the current battle, destroys the gate, and gains 700 G. (Ventus)

Gate CardsEdit

  • Letus Silencer- If the opponent is non-Tartaronian, then half of the G-Power is transferred to Onslaught. If the opponent is not Ventus or Darkus, then Onslaught gains 700 Gs.


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