Can I destroy her? Pleeeeasssse?

Omen Freakasaur

I will not lose to an inferior brawler like you!

Omen Freakasaur

Omen Freakasaur
Stonedead Meta
Type Aquos Omen Freakasaur
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Attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Power 1400 G
Variations Omen Freakasaur
Brawler Dan of Aquos
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Omen Freakasaur is a Thunderian Bakugan and is the Guardian Bakugan of Dan of Aquos. He was found swimming in the Thunderian oceans, and Dan of Aquos managed to catch him before the fishing hook snapped. He evolves into Marine Freakasaur.



Omen Freakasaur is a bit cocky and will do whatever it takes to win a brawl. In his first brawl when we brawled Wolfgirl, he said: "Can I destroy her? Pleeeeeassssse?"


Ability CardsEdit

  • Thunder Jump: Nullifies any counter ability and transfers 500 gs from the opponent to Freakasaur.
  • Quantum Rex Master: Freakasaur gains 50 Gs. If this card is sent to the used pile by effect of "Thunder Jump", nullify any counter abilities your opponent activates until your next turn.
  • Triasstic Shield: When a Bakugan is about to attack Freakasaur, you can nullify that attack.
  • Necro Shield: If a attacking Bakugan is 100 or more G-Power than Freakasaur, you can nullify that attack and your opponent can't attack unless they activate a ability card (That card has no effect) until your opponent's 3rd turn after this card's activation.
  • SWAGmetrodon: When Freakasaur loses G-Power, you can usse one ability card (That card has no effect) to return Freakasaur to his base G-Power.
  • Dino Run: Freakasaur gains 100 G-Power.

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • ThunderMax Quesar: Adds 100 gs to Freakasaur for every gate card activated. Negates any gate card that will add G-Power.
  • Freakasaur Enforcement: This ability can only be activated when there are at least 3 Aquos Bakugan on the field. Increse Freakasaur's G-Power by the conbined G-Power of the Aquos Bakugan. When this ability is activated, Freakasaur cannot attack for your next turn.


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