Old Grudges
Season 3
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Old Grudges is a season 3 of Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.


Phos and Bendo are enjoying a winning spree of battles, increasing Phos to 1000 Gs and beyond. But when they journey to New Tartarus again, they encounter three Bakugan called Komodo, Scath, and Jackal. The three claim they have a vengeance against Phos, and attack him mercilessly. Out of nowhere, a Coredem of Bendo's called Scourge appears out of nowhere, and assists Phos, claiming "I, and I alone, will have the final honor of ending your miserable life, hydra". With the odds almost even the Tartaronian Bakugan engage in a planet-shattering battle of vengeance.


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