Season 1
Episode Number 2
Preceeded By The Battle Begins
Followed By Decision
Observation is the second episode in Shadow Dimensions.


It shows PS and FG traveling back to the Death Bringers' ship. The leader (his face still covered by shadows) waiting for their arrival. They report failure and anger the leader. They said her Strikeflier was too strong and beat them both. He decides to send them to Gun Acer to spy on Ricileon's brawling style.

They travel there to see Ricileon and Strikeflier fighting each other in a brawl. Strikeflier being controlled by another human. They notice Ricileon is actually brawling as a Bakugan. After seeing the ability they realize her, 'X factor' and report back.

They think that her weakness is a seal they saw on her wing. Ricileon never noticed and won against a human Sumbato.

Characters SeenEdit





Sumbato (Human)

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