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Obake is property of Darkusinfinity99.
Therefore you must have his permission to edit, modify, or use the content of this page.

Black Hebi 2
Debut {{{debut}}}
Used By Darkusinfinity99
Gender Male
G-Power 530 G
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Shooting Techniques
Pentameter Readings
Attack 4/10
Defense 9/10
Occupy 7/10
Stand Force 6/10
Control 8/10

Obake is a Darkus Black Hebi belonging to Infinity.



Shooting TechniquesEdit

  • S.O.S. (Shadow Obake Shot): This Special Shot cloaks Obake in utter darkness and shadows, raising his defense and reducing the opponent's attack.
  • Shades of Black: When Obake stands after being shot with this Special Shot, a black shield forms in front of Obake, raising his defense and reducing the opponent's attack, making it hard for the opponent to land a hit.


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