Northern Ice Lands
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Inhabitants The Wolf Clan (Formerly)
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The Northern Ice Lands, used to be home to The Wolf Clan. It was attacked by Firestormblaze thinking they were the ones who had taken his Pyrus Storm Dragonoid.


After Firestormblaze atacked the village, the wolves were banished forever from their families and home. For some people this place is considered to be a " Wasteland of ice", for others it's an oasis. The people of this dear land are clever, the " Cleverest people to ever live". The little land is just a over for their under ground " winter wonderland " soon destroyed and was under reconstruction. The land was then attacked again, by the wolves they had banished.That second attack forced the leader of the people to call Firestormblaze for help. They wolves took back the land until they were taken down and put into prison by Firestormblaze. Now he is known as a hero among the people of the land.