No Pain, No Gain
Season 3
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A strange Bakugan was in New Vestroia, and had been hearing alot about Earth Brawlers. Volcanus decided to go to Earth, and find his Brawler. Mean while, LordMagma was talking about how strong a brawler he was. While he was boasting, Volcanus was watching, and was very annoyed. He approached him, and told him, what he thought of his boasting, and demanded that if LordMagma was so powerful, he should prove it in battle. LordMagma then challened Volcanus' brawler. When he told him he had no brawler, and was looking for a powerful brawler, LordMagma told him to "Look no further". Volcanus didn't believe him at first, but LordMagma told him he'd prove it. The brawler, known as Rayne, challenged him. LordMagma accepted. Volcanus could sense the tention between the two, and asked if they had a rivalry of some kind. LordMagma then replied, saying that he might have insulted Rayne, by calling him weak, and challenging him to a battle. Volcanus decided to watch the battle, until he decided he could no longer sit back and watch. He demanded to be put in the battle, seeing as LordMagma was some-what losing at that point. Volcanus jumped into battle, and began to thrash Rayne's Aquos Lumagrowl, and Ventus Dharak, one-by-one. He finished the two off with Halo, using his boomix. The two decided to become brawling partners. Soon after the battle, people were lined up to brawl them. DarkusMaster84 had won, but AgentZ was beaten. After a long day of battling, their friend Firestormblaze approaches them. He and Pyro were glad to meet Volcanus, and challenged them to a brawl.


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