That's the reason why I wanna kill you!
Nitro is Kyle's current Bakugan.
Mutant elfintrickedout
You messed with the wrong "Piece of Data"
Type Pyrus/Darkus Mutant Elfin
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Attribute Ventus/Darkus
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Brawler Kyleronco
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Nitro is crazy, and is really weird.


Kyle created Nitro from data bits. He wanted to create a Strikeflier, but it went wrong when he took a data sample form the wrong Bakugan. When he went to preform the task, there was a huge explosion, and out came Nitro Mutant Elfin.

Random Facts

Nitro has had her share of killing other Bakugan. She always makes sure that the Bakugan she wants to murder has a chunk of skin gone, broken limbs, paralyzed, or, usually, dead. She has gone on rampages and destroyed cities. Once, she almost killed Kyle after losing a battle. She only broke his toe. Nitro has never had a cut or gash.


  • Switchblade Night
  • Dark Typhoon
  • Mirage Blackout
  • Incarcerated Darkus
  • Incarcerated Pyrus
  • Incarcerated Ventus
  • Incarcerated Aquos
  • Incarcerated Subterra
  • Incarcerated Haos
  • Incarcerated

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